Lawn Maintenance


Our professional grass cutting team will ensure that your lawn is always looking its best-LUSH and GREEN. With this in mind, we are also committed to providing you with safe and sustainable lawn care options that are both good for you and the environment.
grass (3)Cutting & Trimming

Weekly or Biweekly packages available. Please call the office for more details!

Fertilizing Program

Fertilizing your lawn is integral to maintaining a lush and healthy green space. As the grass becomes thicker, weeds are out-competed, and you are left with a fuller, more vibrant lawn.

* offering one time applications — or — multiple applications *


As sod ages, the soil underneath can become compacted. This makes it difficult for grass roots to absorb nutrients and water. If left untreated, the lawn can deteriorate and become more susceptible to disease, insects and weeds. To avoid this, have your lawn aerated.


Power raking is a great way to remove dead grass, thatch and decay that has built up over time, allowing your lawn the opportunity to grow into a thicker, healthier lawn next season.


Every lawn is different. Trust our turf installation professionals to sod your lawn.



Reliable, residential snow removal

Rubbish removal (from yards, garages, basements, sheds, attics, etc…)

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